How to drink responsibly

Our client Arts and Venues Denver is instituting a venue-wide sustainability initiative. The first venue to embrace this is Red Rocks, so we were tasked with creating an identity and cup design for their new compostable cups. One of the goals is to divert up to 90% of the trash from landfill, but other efforts such as replacing backstage lighting with LEDs, utilizing solar power and water conservation efforts all do their part to manage resources responsibly. Have a read […]

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Labels are overrated

For this Allegro summer campaign we were asked to appeal specifically to the Millennials (born between approx. 1980 and 2000) segment of the Whole Foods audience. Custom bag wraps allowed us to do a label takeover, pushing featured coffees to stand out from their shelf-neighbors. Based on the fact that this segment has a tendency to live in the moment and make decisions at the last minute, the copy is concise and the colors bold and bright, enabling quicker grab-and-go […]

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Reveal the pure flavors

We continue to partner with Allegro Coffee Company to create quarterly in-store promotions and other unique marketing materials. For the Spring 2014 promotion we were tasked to bring more attention to the organic selections within their lineup, appealing specifically to an audience segment who willingly spends more to “do the right thing”. Benefit-driven language uses concepts of purity and discovery to prove how these products better retain the essence of their origins through the simple story of organic coffee. The […]

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Master of the roast

Allegro Coffee tasked us with creating a multi-faceted in-store campaign for their Winter 2014 promotion within Whole Foods stores nationwide. At its core, the campaign needed to consider a specific audience type — a conscionable segment who want the best flavor for the best situation, who will spend the time to learn more in order to gain the best experiences and who have a deeper interest in the essence of flavor. We crafted a campaign saluting the Master of the Roast. From in-store fixture […]

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Environment on the mind

In an attempt to do something earth-friendly and inspire responsible acts in their friends and clients, Design and Image created the “EnvironMENTALS” recycle bins. 3 designers rendered a wide-mouth character, each with it’s own unique name and character story, as a part of this fun three-sided design that’s hungry for recycled goods. Using 100% recycled chipboard and some soy based inks, we created a low impact product that itself can be recycled when no longer useful. Compact dimensions fit comfortably […]

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Cleaning, a man’s job.

For years, cleaning products have been targeted almost exclusively to women. Well, move over honey… here comes OOMPH! by Clorox. Working closely with BrandJuice Consulting over a period of almost two years, Oomph! came to life. We designed everything about this product to appeal to a man—from the name, shape and texture of the bottle surface to how it feels like a power tool in your hand. The bright colors and closed fist of the logo seem to dare grime […]

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Simple shelf presence

Orange Glo International was a player in one of the most crowded retail spaces: cleaning products. The competition had filled the shelves with unreal claims, starbursts, and overwhelming color palettes. The only way to stand out in this crowd was to offer simplicity as a relief from this visual bombardment. This approach fit perfectly with the Orange Glo products themselves that were simple, clean and naturally-based. To achieve this, we used white or clear bottles with labels that communicated only […]

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Truck Tested. Truck Tough.

How do you communicate tough in a male-dominated market of automotive products? Long Haul differentiates by specializing in “Truck Tough” products that originate from the over-the-road professional trucker and makes them available to the average consumer. We created this product from the ground up, designing a custom “oil barrel” container with rivet details and ribbed exterior. The bottles are wrapped with a metallic label that emulates diamond plate, and features an iconic highway sign logo, along with bold, succinct cleaning […]

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