Our solutions are strategic, logical and informed.

We arrive at them through extensive collaboration, discovery and understanding. We bring energy, ideas, and if it's appropriate—a little bit of irreverence. That's why we're fun to work with, and how we make brands go.


Over the last four decades we have evolved our process to arrive at a workflow methodology that delivers the most successful and relevant solutions. The key to this process is collaboration, which is why we have adapted it for optimal client comprehension. The result is that clear, informed client decisions keep the everything moving forward while ensuring the final applications accurately reflect the goals and strategy established at the onset. This is why the visual brands we create resonate with their intended audiences.

  • All branding engagements begin with discovery and an overview of existing information. The amount and type of discovery depends upon what is necessary and appropriate, and can range from general questions about the business and a review of working documents to market research and competitive analysis.

  • Before pencil ever hits paper (or mouse to desktop) a solid intellectual foundation is essential to provide the strategic platform for all creative development. We are able to provide basic services in-house, but we also have mature partnerships with brand strategists to help solidify brand strategy and positioning if a more comprehensive program is required. A defensible, clear strategy is key to building a successful visual brand.

  • One of the most important aspects of our process is when we "bridge" the gap between the intellectual understanding of the brand and the visual interpretation—how it looks and feels attitudinally. From the strategy sessions, we arrive at six to ten words that describe the essence of the brand as though it were a person, e.g., strong, clever, conservative, or progressive. We assemble images, colors and textures that could potentially characterize these words visually. The client then participates in an exciting collective to discuss the images and narrow them down to a select few which best define the brand.

  • The Global Brand™ is a key step in the process where we present the essence of the visual brand. The outcome of the Discovery, Strategy and The Bridge come to life through verbal and visual cues—from the logo to typography, color palettes, photographic style or distinguishing imagery—all are demonstrated on actual pieces. We refer to this view of the overall look and feel as the Global Brand™ because it is a global view, and while not final, provides a very good idea of how everything is going to come together.

  • The selected and refined brand elements are applied in a consistent manner across all required materials in any media—for reproduction or launch. This can be a major rollout, or simply introduced as timing and budget dictate.