We love a good brand



In the fastest growing segment of the restaurant market, Larkburger offers up a unique take on the burger-centric fast casual concept. Larkburger’s dedication to serving the highest quality fare, respect for fresh ingredients and unique culinary cooking style creates a brand promise their loyal customers have grown to love. D&i partnered with Larkburger to create the visual and verbal tone for the brand. The messaging theme, “We love a good burger”, framed the brand’s attitude as the voice of the community eager for high-quality food, taste and atmosphere. The visual tone presents an uncluttered presentation of product photography emphasizing flavor and fresh ingredients.

D&i has been working with Larkburger to execute the brand across various marketing  initiatives, promotions and recently a responsive website (larkburger.com). The website refresh allows for a mobile optimized experience and enhanced SEO on a WordPress content management system.