The Economics of Soul

Cutting to the Core of Colorado‚Äôs Entrepreneurial Spirit A look beyond the Front Range Today we attended a panel discussion from Something Independent, a Colorado organization built to promote the industry and culture of Colorado snow sports. The panel was lead by ColoradoBiz Magazine’s editor Bart Taylor and introduced by Governor Hickenlooper. Hick began the discussion with the statement “Find out what you do best, and build on it.” Simple for sure, but upon further thought, this statement becomes a […]

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Observationally speaking

Ah resilience! It is exciting to witness all the new businesses emerging out of the giant omelette (that happened when all the eggs fell out of that big basket in the sky and landed squarely in a hot frying pan). A trend I have been noticing for some time now, is that many of the large corporations are deconstructing and becoming smaller, nimbler, more relevant businesses. The economic downturn (understatement) has enabled this trend to happen at warp speed. Necessity, […]

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