Creating a visual brand worth the beans.

Allegro Coffee, a Whole Foods premium product, wanted to give their visual brand a jolt.

When Design and Image was engaged by Allegro Coffee, their visual brand was not communicating the product’s excellence which had created a loyal following of consumers. These enthralled Whole Foods buyers experienced coffee distinguished by the individual patches of Earth that it came from; a cup of coffee that has a deeply rooted connection to the coffee farmer’s nurturing hands. They tasted unblended, single-source coffees, purchased personally by Allegro’s roast masters. To Allegro, coffee is always a human story, demanding Fair Trade and ethical purchasing practices. It is all about the dedication to the single-source farmers — who bring the story of their lands and something remarkable to every single cup of coffee.

To distinguish themselves from well established, premium coffee brands, Allegro needed to visually tell this story and attract a new crop of coffee enthusiasts. They also had to devise a smart way to categorize their product on the shelves and create an enhanced shopping experience.

Becoming the hand crafted experts:

We collaborated with a consumer brand strategist that created the brand tagline – Handcrafted Coffee. This simple statement encapsulates their passion for the product and its single-source farm origins. It creates the brand platform to tell the Allegro Coffee story and sets the stage for the visual brand strategy.

We explored the concept of “Handcrafted Coffee” by researching and experimenting with a variety of visual elements. A visual platform was developed specifically for Allegro that included:

  • a hand-drawn logo
  • a warm, earthen color palette
  • hand-created textures
  • sepia-toned photography from coffee farms around the world
  • wood cut typography and illustrations

These elements came together to create the visual brand platform which would lead to the development of style guidelines for packaging, in-store displays, advertising and communications. With these standards in place, Allegro Coffee ensures that every consumer touch point communicates their authentic story and elevates them to the ranks of other national, premium coffee brands.

Enhancing the brand from seed to cup:

Besides creating a strong visual brand, our goal was to create a better shopping experience with intelligent coffee buying language, and an engaging packaging system. We helped organize Allegro’s world of coffee with a visual system for 20+ coffee varieties. There had to be a way to distinguish the roasts and flavors visually, emotionally and literally. The solution was creating a system which categorized the coffee flavors, body, color, region of origin, and the type of roast on the packages themselves.

The evolving brand:

Created almost a decade ago, this visual brand has lived on and flourished under the stewardship of Allegro’s talented in-house team.

Design and Image created a Global Brand true to the roots of the Allegro story, a story that has flourished over the last decade and lives in harmony with the larger Whole Foods brand.