A clear view on values



This home-grown, family-oriented manufacturer of sunglasses and goggles was born and has existed in Colorado since 1976. The company remains independently owned and operated and uses this as an essential point of difference. In a marketplace that revolves around high-profile sponsorships and profit margins, Optic Nerve takes care of their people as much as they take care of their business, creating premium eye wear that is accessible to all, and investing in causes that make a difference in their communities.

In order to utilize the frequent updates from athletes and partners, along with seasonal product releases, the website, developed by 303 Software, ┬áneeded an integrated way to quickly share multiple types of media. By making a bold claim that “Nobody Owns Us” on the home page, and featuring intriguing photography to build a front-facing interactive story grid OpticNerve.com can now better share the tales of their ever-growing family and the business that binds it all together.